Will I ever see her again

The time it takes for a broken heart to heal must run into the decades instead of years unless I just flat out lost it over this girl. Here I sit 4 years and countless dates and one night stands later, yet not a day goes by that she doesn’t cross my mind. I tell myself ” she can’t forget it either” but I really don’t know that do I? 

Back in 2010 I believe it was, I worked for a company out of Monument Colorado- it’s one of those little towns that you stop to fill up in before you get to Colorado Springs or you stop for lunch and one of the five cops in that town cites you for speeding. The company I was hired by was Maxx Sunglasses Inc, owned by Rick and Nancy Milner- two individuals who you could tell after a five minute conversation still weren’t happy with life. I started out in sales, let me rephrase that, ” phone sales” it is not a job for the faint hearted. I did very well my first couple of weeks and enjoyed it but as in any sales job if your still using the same leads it’s bound to go down the drain. I don’t remember exactly how she came to work there or if she was there before I was. We had a meeting once a day with everyone in the company standing in a circle out in the warehouse and we would get drilled about quotas or information on the MLB contract that at the time was still just a prototype in the marketing phase of production. We were called out on a Tuesday afternoon into the warehouse which was just outside of the back door from the cubicles and desks we worked from. I took two steps into the meeting and I froze, I had seen many beautiful women before, but not like her. Have you ever seen someone that maybe you wanted to rescue from sadness? Well that’s the vibe I got- some how one way or another she wasn’t happy with some major aspect in her life. I took a moment to get my eyes back in my head and glanced over again and as I did I caught her eyes glancing away from me, I also saw the shimmer of a much expected wedding ring. 

Up until that point I had been seeing 2-3 women at one time off and on and by that I mean if one would bore me I would move on to the next. One of them however meant more than the others, her name was Kimmy Rose, it’s always fun to date your boss though right? Especially when it’s not directly your boss and the person is very attractive with tattoos and a Washington accent that’s to die for and oh wait yes that’s also married? Some of us when we’re younger and come from a home with parents who were never married don’t quite understand the importance of marriage and the impact it can make in the person you become. So I had dated a married woman before but eventually the flame burnt out when I figured out she probably wasn’t going to leave her husband. 

The girl I met at Maxx was a 5’7″ light blue eyed- almost grey, blonde, heel wearing never left the house without makeup- knockout, who went by “Mandy”, her real name was Amanda Mauler. The day I first spoke to her was in the warehouse at Maxx, we were packaging samples to send out to prospective customers which was the only reason the company became what it was up to that point. I had mentioned something to someone about my joining a law enforcement agency and participating in the weekend academy, this seemed to spark some interest with Mandy and that one conversation eventually led to lunch then dinner then hours and nights spent together all very fast, powerful, and within a short amount of time. The husband was a border patrol agent in San Diego Ca, she hopped in her Blue Mustang and left him. That was all I needed to hear at the time. Those owners I mentioned of Maxx sunglasses had a son there in charge of the MLB license contract that was to come and he was obsessed with Mandy, always trying to get her to come to his new sales department which hadn’t opened yet and get his parents to manipulate where she worked within the company. She didn’t go for it, maybe it was that he had herpees I don’t know. Then their was fat ass Rusty or Dusty, he was so insignificant I can’t remember his name, he was always propped up on a computer near Mandy until one day she accidentally calls him “Ricky”, boom I knew I loved her at that moment and it snowballed, we ended up quitting together after finding out dusty or rusty was going to have me fired later that morning. We rode out in front of everyone in a bright red mustang that was brand new, the sun had just come up, I’ll never forget it. But this was just the beginning, read what happened to us in part 2.  



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