Don’t buy used tires

I do it everywhere I go, everywhere I am I have to leave a window open or rolled down or a door cracked. The accident changed my life forever.

I had just hung up the phone after ending a conversation with my brother, thimagee wind was in my face and I had the country music blaring doing a moderate 80 miles per hour in a Ford F-350 powerstroke diesel I purchased a month before. I don’t remember the exact moment I knew something was going wrong, all I know is I was north of Ft. Collins Colorado and while telling myself to get off at the next exit to check my truck I ended up with a white knuckled death grip on the steeringimage wheel. I found out later I missed the exit- my last chance. That’s when I heard the explosion- both front tires blew, I couldn’t stop and I could barely steer. I knew I had to decide if I was going to wreck on the concrete highway or head for the much softer dirt median. I did the later, and spun in a big circle toward oncoming traffic. I was not wearing my seatbelt and was about to push the foot lever emergency brake when the world flipped, I felt the window on my side smash into my face and the dirt on the ground go into my shoulder. The truck had flipped and wasn’t going to stop. I felt the roof crush in like a tin can against my head, my knee hit the dash and my leg went numb. I rolled 4 times and woke up upside down on the windshield covered in blood but alive.. Very much alive, diesel fuel was leaking above my head out of the engine from being upside down. I crawled to the door handle and I heard “Pop” and the door came open which shocked me because of how flat the truck was. People were running to me from every direction through a giant cloud of dust and debris, my tools littered the highway and median, shovels were snapped in half, wrenches bent, everything was broken.. Except me, I walked away, it was told to me that my first flip was over ten feet in the air before I landed and kept rolling. The troopers showed up and asked me how many were dead in the truck and I said I was driving and his jaw dropped, then he saw the blood and told me to sit down. I had cut the top of my hand from my knuckles to my wrist and couldn’t feel my right shin area below my knee.

Moving on is easier said than done, it’s a hard thing to know 90% of rollovers result in death and mine was just a major financial inconvenience. People you hate or haven’t heard from in years make contact to see how your holding up and then just disappear again. The panic and anxiety of being indoors or driving are the hardest to deal with. A near death experience really makes you take inventory of yourself- in a why me kind of way. Well it’s been over a month and I can still taste the diesel fuel in my mouth and feel the dirt caked on my face and smell the burning rubber melted everywhere. Your probably wondering what caused this, I bought used tires the day before and the heat mixed with the 7500lb truck must have been a recipe for disaster. Don’t buy used tires


3 thoughts on “Don’t buy used tires

  1. firstfloorluka says:

    Right on! I can get very sad and worked up thinking about the many years and dreams that I have lost.
    Or I can remember how precious life is and never to take today for granted. I’m trying the latter. Depression and mental fatigue have been a huge battle. It is a big challenge to think positive while depressed, but I try!!

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