imageThe string of bad luck continues… Today I discovered my storage unit was burglarized last night after 2pm which is the last time I was there.  I store a lot of tools for work as I do a lot of contracting and I have an indoor unit which just happens to have an opening near the ceiling that a curious person could grab a ladder and peep at my stuff or as I realized today stand on the railing in front of my unit and look in. So I approach the unit with no special feelings or adrenaline at the time. I unlock my titanium disc lock and attempted to slide back the latch to open the door.. What the hell it wouldn’t budge, I went and got a tire iron from my truck to try to push it back and it wouldn’t budge. At this point a friend I had with me was inside watching after I told him my situation as I grabbed the tire iron. He pointed out their were pry marks next to the latch and that’s when I realized the door had been pryed open with a screw driver and the lock latch was bent back and that’s why it wouldn’t open.

I finally got the door open and immediately knew something wasn’t right, tools were all over the floor, boxes were moved and one extremely valuable thing still sat untouched surprisingly a power generator I use quite often and is still almost brand new as I bought it a month or so ago on clearance. I at first thought nothing was missing and it was strange because they had attempted or the person- it could have been one attempted to stack the boxes back how they were but must not have remembered how they were stacked because it was so sloppy I thought a child did it! I finally noticed a small trunk I had important papers in had the lock pried off of it and a crow bar of mine was lying next to it so I opened it up and my handgun safe was gone along with some receipts for jewelry yet the safe actually had my birth certificate and military Id in it and nothing valuable. I’m guessing they thought the watches were in the safe and they’d just hit the jackpot but I had them at home, I only use that safe for paperwork.

Well the police don’t care and said they’d do their best but I already know they think it’s petty and it may be in the grand scheme of things, it really opened up my eyes to how bad the world has gotten after having my wallet stolen out of my pocket at a gas station with two thousand dollars in cash in it. This one really stung, you expect a certain level of privacy and security out of society, like if you go to a car wash that’s self serve you expect not to be robbed or assaulted in the process. You expect to be able to pump gas without being asked for money. Well you expect to have a storage unit that is secure and can offer peace of mind but yet it’s basically a Walmart for thieves and crack heads that are too stupid to steal things that are actually valuable. I’m not writing this looking for sympathy, no I’ll recover, I’m just hoping that people understand the world is changing and you need to get car alarms and find secure places to store important paperwork and don’t leave valuables in plain sight in a vehicle. I realized I need to up my security in all aspects of life. Yes this will make me paranoid even more than before but the point is it happened to me and I hope you don’t ever experience that. Security, sounds like a strong word but it’s also an emotional one now.


3 thoughts on “Security

  1. firstfloorluka says:

    Ricky, It sucks. I mean when events like this are really considered petty unless your the person that they happen to. Ten years after my last serious TBI and I’m still cutting my life into smaller and smaller pieces just to stay sane. Sensory overload is so high. I do not like to watch anything but baseball- which my daughter stated “this game is so organized” nice word for “boring” maybe? I like boring.


    1. Ricky Pennington says:

      First of all thank you for reading my story! I know exactly what you mean, sometimes you really feel the world is so much bigger than yourself and sometimes everything just goes right. I’m learning how to adapt to both and change can be a slow process. There’s nothing wrong with being tired, in fact it’s normal but I’ll bet you never give up and that’s what counts!

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  2. firstfloorluka says:

    And I know firsthand how the accumulation of a “string of bad luck” can take our morale away.
    I still get one or two hours where I try to be the change in the world that I want to see. But i am tired.
    Too bad. I say to myself and I try to be grateful for what’s left. But life has taken much to get through the past 25 years. And like you, I’m not looking for sympathy. I just want to express it- the pain.


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