imageI walk up the stairs- 28 steps exactly as hundreds of times before. The kids I usually see playing in the parking lot must be back in school today, oh that’s right: they are. I think to myself “why do I have a headache”, “was I dreaming last night or was it real”. I’m sure I can’t be the first to question a dream so heavily. I was shot in the heart while walking to the third floor of an apartment building.

Wandering eyes, blinds parted in #834 she saw the whole thing. The perp left, still the door wouldn’t open. I could feel the pool of blood growing around my body with each heart beat. I tried to speak but just had a metallic taste on my tongue.

I woke up short of breath as usual after this dream. I wish it would stop, I know it’s meaningless, I know I’m never at rest when I’m asleep. Maybe time heals or maybe it’s encouraging the dream.


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