Make America Great Again

Yep that’s Donald Trump’ slogan for the blazing path on the 2016 campaign trail. He presents a very reasonable plan to make the wealthy pay more taxes which he believes will “save the middle class”. Sounds good, one thing I remember about Obama is the change you can believe in didn’t happen until his 7th year in office. 

It’d be nice to want to vote for Trump for any other reason other than I think he’s a funny guy and I can’t wait to watch his debates so I can fall out of my chair laughing. Yes I do think his fiscal knowledge will help this country and let’s be honest.. We need the help in the Oval Office. However I’m lacking anymore reason than that. 

What made me think of this was the Chinese sell off that caused the stock market crash this morning with the Dow losing somewhere around 800 points. The whole time I was thinking I know Trump isn’t loving this. Because yes 800 points on a 16,000 point share is a lot but when you own thousands of shares it’s quite a lot more. Thanks for reading


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