imageIn the music business it’s called “the ten year overnight dream”. It starts with a move to Nashville, that alone isn’t even a drop in the bucket of what you’ll need to do to get your time in the spotlight. Nashville is not a glorious place as the west coast would like to think, that’s what I was always told. Nothing but fake Elvis Presley impersonators and music houses, bars and cowboy boots. That is all there yes, but there is so much more. The crime there is not far off from California except their are a few less cars stolen. It’s a place that isn’t safe for the average person to walk around at night unless of course your walking under street lights on music row.

It reminds me of Las Vegas but in Vegas even fewer dreams come true. The ones who make it usually went through hell and for the most part have a lot of memories they’d rather not put in a  newspaper or magazine article. Then their are the ones who we should have all heard about but they got locked into a horrible music contract when they saw the check on the table and just signed the contract. Then the record company owned them, and they all do in a way but the independent labels are usually the worst with a three album minimum to fulfill your contract at ten cents per album sale, which lets say you go gold or platinum, your still at the same earnings you made off your first album when nobody knew who you were . Does that seem fair? So you attempt to back out of the contract and get blacklisted in the industry, they say unless you give them ( the record company) your album minimum which you just can’t afford now because you spent all the money, and an album costs upward of a hundred thousand dollars so your screwed. All the fancy clothes belong to the record label, the tour bus, the backup musicians- yep all owned by the label.  Do you go to Atlanta? Another big music city, no probably not because word travels fast these days with the push of a button. So you get a normal job making a “normal wage” and start drinking, off in to lonely land with past memories and dreams haunting you every waking hour. Everyone thinks your a washed up artist and doesn’t want to hear your music anymore. Your now stuck inside of the machine known as Nashville, she’ll cut you like a knife, she’ll bleed you out and then leave you in the street.

That’s not the part we dream about, that’s the reality though. Unless you know someone and it has to be the right someone and are willing to make a book full of enemies to get there then chances are headlining your own tour is a long shot. All the artists that are known are good yes but they are also what was needed, the image, the sound, that’s what the record company knew needed to be brought out to make themselves more money. If you have what they’re looking for at the time then your in. Just remember anyone can learn to play a guitar, hell you can even learn to sing but you’ll never learn the machine.

One thought on “Nashville

  1. tracihalpin says:

    I hear you and all that is true, but I say don’t give up on your dream. You said you wanted to play in front of thousands of people, hang on to the dream. Did you know bono received many rejection letters until one night in Dublin when the head of island records saw them sing 11 o’clock tick tock at a club. He went to the dressing room and said I’m from island records and I’d like to sign you.
    The goo goo dolls traveled in a small old van with a u haul for over 10 years!!!
    They traveled up and down the east coast. They slept on a mattress in the van and they ate peanut butter and Ramen noodles everyday. When they played colleges they showered in their locker rooms. One time 8 people were in a club and 4 asked for their money back. But they never gave up. 30 years later they are rocking and working on their 12th album. That type of effort and determination and faith is what propelled them. Start something, anything to move in that direction. A lot of times we see someone on stage and we don’t know where they came from. Mindy Kalinga the actress director producer was told she was too fat and she wouldn’t make it at all. We including myself have to shut that shit off and trust ourselves. Shut off the naysayers and keep going, what have you got to lose?


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