Trump 2016

imageI remember the announcement made with Mr. Trump riding down an escalator to the podium to rock music blaring, I remember everyone saying its a prank. There’s a lot none of us will ever forget about the started but not even close to being over 2016 presidential campaign. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how many people in this country can’t think for themselves and go with what the general populous feels is necessary or for the greater good. Point being, from the beginning I was all for Donald Trump running for president and I hope he wins. I have maintained that point of view from day one.

I googled “the chances of Donald Trump becoming president” that night and saw absolutely no support and tons of media moguls claiming “not in a million years” well I googled that same term this evening and its a total polar opposite of what I saw that night over two months ago. I’m not a political person for the most part, but there are certain things this country is failing at. Living in an 80% military occupied city I overhear both directly and indirectly some of the changes that we need. Mr. Trump is right on the money with many of his points, I’m not going to get into it but we all know immigration is a major stronghold for him and by that I mean the reform he promises to achieve if he is elected to office.

Maybe in four years the problems we face as a nation will be different, God I hope so. It’s so frustrating to live in a community where so many people get to live off of handouts, I recently took a friend to the human services building because I was going to go to the DMV- same building, and I saw a group of four adults each with their own applications for food stamps, one was a midget and one was a female and the other two were males. I’ll never forget how they were conversing back and forth about the application. Then I overheard the midget gentleman say “I bet we can score big when we leave here”. That’s when I knew it has gotten out of control. People like that need to either go live in their box or get a job. It’s disgusting.

I do think that the whole Trump immigration debate today is causing some race separation, I run into all types of people in my line of work but I’ve noticed on the subject of politics if Trump gets brought up and their obviously not white I sense an immediate dislike, which it could be my hair or the way I look but it’s just something I’ve noticed. And to be clear I don’t discuss politics very often. I enjoy conversations with people you don’t know but yet their are no borders to what you can discuss and I see that with Donald Trump as well. He has no time to “be nice” he just gets the job done. And while I am happy that he has a lot more support now than he did in the beginning it just reminds me of how so many people are afraid to be their own person anymore and just say what they want to say or support who they want to support. This is Ricky Pennington signing off, thanks for reading!!

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