When blood is on the streets fortunes are made

We all remember September 11th, 2001. It’s a day we can truly never forget. We all saw the looped video footage on CNN, Fox News and many other channels and heard on every radio station that towers one and two at the world trade center had been hit by airplanes. We knew those buildings produced a lot of business and were responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars to our economy. I know you’ve also heard all the myths and conspiracies that people believe centered around and directly involved the World Trade Center attacks.

One thing a lot of people don’t know, and trust me the ones who do are probably involved is on that day not just the victims and their families lives changed forever. Their were fortunes made and I mean billions of dollars. Yes by accident but it happened. I know you can’t just give it back once it’s in your market account it’s there to stay until you take your next gamble. Yet still it really makes you wonder how many people look to capitalize off of natural disasters of any type. Hurricane Katrina, the looting involved was on a tremendous level, people were riding around in boats from house to house just shopping like it was wal mart and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuables. That’s just one instance, another is close to home here we had The Waldo Canyon Fire, their is still a ten thousand dollar reward from the pikes peak area crime stoppers for any information on the burglaries that occurred after and during that fire. People’s homes were ransacked when most of them had lost the house itself due to insurance total loss requirements or it was just purely uninhabitable. So now they decided to go in and put the icing on the cake and take everything else.

The disasters are always going to be there, and the best thing to do is to offer aid and do anything we can to help our fellow neighbor. However I think their should be a special division in the law enforcement world that goes after the Pablo Escabar minded individual after a disaster strikes here at home in our country. The reason I mentioned Pablo is he coined the phrase I based this page on, he believed if the people were already dead it just paved the way for him to make more money. It’s horrible and yet you can’t just ignore it, something needs to be done.image

Its not just the wal street guys, it’s low life thugs and wanna be thugs that it happens to. It’s unavoidable, but the saying I posted as my title is what brings all this into my mind. That’s my general opinion and interpretation and I don’t think I’m that far off. Have a good day, thanks for reading!!

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