I thought Labor Day meant “no labor”??

imageLabor Day was… Well like any other day it seemed when I was out today. I always thought of Labor Day as one of the major holidays where everything is closed and people are spending time with their families but man, was I off on that one.

The U.S labor board reported that only 43% of workers here in America will receive Monday off for the holiday.

Wow 43%, does that seem right to you? Does that sound like the American Dream? You can’t give your employees a day off? I was at Subway today for lunch. Yes I know that seems hypocritical that I would engage in a cause I’m against but I have a motto ” when in Rome “. So I’m just making small talk with the girl making my sandwich when she brings up the holiday and having to work so I said ” well at least you get time and a half right?” She shook her head ” no absolutely not ” ” I asked my boss – the owner about it last week and he laughed and said no way”. She had me there, I was shocked and I even told her ” I’m pretty sure that’s not legal” I mean damn I would’ve called in just to enjoy my holiday even if I just sit at home watching Netflix all day. I just felt those subway workers got a raw deal. I guess I know where I can eat on Christmas Day though huh. Sad. Well I hope the rest of you got to enjoy a break from the day to day hustle and bustle and to my friends around the world don’t forget to kick back and relax every now and then!

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