Let’s call it a silent movement 

It’s overwhelming, the rush, that pure joy of doing what you want to do. It seems now more than ever people are straying away “from the pack”.  I was at a truck stop outside mile marker 162 today here in Colorado, this particular truck stop I always stop at to get diesel fuel in my pickup- no I’m not a truck driver. There’s usually a good conversation going on about something and it just so happens that today it was about jobs. Yea well I had to listen because I know a lot of people changing careers and going down a brand new path. 

The talk was about a guy now 23 who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his dad is a lawyer and mom is a nurse. Well he decided to be a truck driver. He said” call it passion, call it fate” “but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do” all the guys were just awestruck that someone with such an upbringing decided to go for a blue collar life. I was in the back grabbing a bottle of water, smiling to myself because I get it. Sometimes it’s not so much the promise of wealth and fortune to some people which cause them to want a certain position. Sometimes it’s self fulfillment- no I don’t experience that yet haha but I talk to enough people where I understand exactly what it takes to stand up and do what you want. 

Another way to say it is be your own man, or woman for that matter. Who cares what you do for a living but don’t settle. That’s where you don’t want to be, that person who looks back on 30 years wondering where the time went, wondering where your big chance went. Your alive, your healthy and able to walk- just that should wake you up but this is the time, these are the days, don’t let it get away. 

Some things don’t happen overnight, I know this. If your dream is to become wealthy and well to do then open up a money market account with a 50.00$ minimum and even if you only buy one share of a Wal Mary stock atleast you can begin your self fulfillment and feel the power of it. Those of you who follow me know my undying passion for country music and no I’m not famous and no I don’t live in Nashville but when I go play a guitar for a song or two in a park or near a set of railway tracks I get my piece of self fulfillment. Call it a silent movement, call it what you will but join the quest for a happy life no matter what it is. It’s too short to be bored.. 


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