The power of inquisition 

What do you think about in your most solemn moments alone? I mean that one thing you wish you could answer to yourself? Their are times where we tell ourselves we don’t want to know, the times we write a letter, and not mail it, draft an email, but not send it or call someone and hang up before the first ring catches. 

If you don’t know the feeling then I’m sure their are many who would envy you. It’s an ironic situation when someone thinks they cut contact with you- which they did, but you know you can reach out anytime and don’t. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the one that got away. Or even the one that left. 

How is it that you can still think about someone everyday, yet go on as if you don’t. Does that mean you can’t fall in love that deep again? I don’t know, I do know their are many who settle and accept love as in the word but honestly don’t know what it feels like, how it overwhelms you and brings you to your knees and gives you such a gratifying feeling every night you think it’s serenity. No some people don’t love that deep. It’s a curse, it’s a losing situation if you lose that person. I know someone who just lives day to day hoping to move on but meets someone to quickly realize it’s not gonna happen. 

I think you can move on, I know it takes time- how much? You’ll know, they say time heals all wounds but really it helps the scars of the heart blend in with the rest. I like to think you can see ahead, and be honest with yourself. You just have to envision the life you want to lead. The questions don’t always need to be answered, the memories can fade- that part is ok. But never let it break you down, don’t let it take your life. A year passes before you know it. Reach out and tell me one thing you want to change in the next year even if it’s not relating to a relationship. Thanks for reading 

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