Centennial Blvd Gunman less than a mile away

In my experience only two types of individuals shoot from a distance; Cowards and Professionals, both can be dangerous. Today we saw the act of a coward. He was obviously out to injure police and he knew how to shoot. I just don’t understand how you can walk out your door that day knowing you’ll never be the same, that life is over for you as you know it. 

For those of you that don’t know, I spend most of my time in Colorado Springs Colorado. I have an apartment downtown near garden of the gods which is one of my favorite places to drive through at night. This is a good city, when I grew up here crime was a distant rumor most of the time, now I’ve seen so much between living in Aurora and witnessing the Aurora theatre shooting now I wake up late today because I don’t do the Black Friday thing. I just never have, if I want something I just go buy it and I don’t need anything I don’t already have. My dad started off my day by calling to tell me that a local wal mart still had 40″ flat screens for 150$… I said for one I have a 60″ and for two why are you calling wal mart when you don’t need a tv either. It was kinda funny. Then I go unplug my truck and scrape off the ice and snow and warm up that international diesel motor that pisses the neighbors off, I see Fillmore is closed down. I’m thinking, icy roads- car accident, ya know the usual here. But no my neighborhood was on police lockdown because of an active shooter situation. Having a past in law enforcement I knew what it meant but I was thinking the usual drug induced standoff at a residence with the city swat team. Boy was I far from it.

11:39am November 27,2015 CSPD 911 receives a call for service to a shots fired situation at the planned parenthood building off centennial Blvd and Fillmore. Officers from the Colorado Springs Police arrive and assume gunfire actively exchanging with an unknown suspect or multiples thereof. The call comes out on the radio for officer under fire, then it’s the Elpaso County Sheriff and University of Colorado Springs Police on scene to assist in what began a six hour shootout. Five officers were shot, four wounded and the UCCS officer from the college was deceased upon arrival to the hospital here. Five civilians were shot and one deceased, so far everyone else is stable as far as the news says. That’s the gist of it, seeing the amount of police and undercover cars show up is when you realize shit is real but when they shut down a side street and line up a fleet of 30 ambulances, well let’s say it brought back memories from Aurora and I realized there was a lot of blood somewhere in my neighborhood. 

It made me upset that someone could do something so callus and obviously he was a good shooter because he ended up giving himself up! It’s insane that the snipers couldn’t even get him. But you can’t get over the fact while your out watching the snow, down the street people are dying. I hope he gets death like James Holmes should have gotten for the theatre shooting. Every city I know of in Colorado has had some type of situation similar to this happen going back to my memories of fifth grade at Carver elementary school going on lockdown as Columbine high school was taken over by Eric Harris and Dylan Clebold who were just severe nut cases and it’s been yearly it seems ever since. I just don’t understand it, it’s a beautiful place to live, there’s plenty to do and it’s easy to attain a reasonable amount of success. But there are some snobs here and some really bad road rage incidents, guns pulled, fuck you exchanged while driving everyday I see it and I guess somewhere it’s bound to get worse. It’s like east L.A here now, even graffiti is popping up all over. What a day, Black Friday 2015. 

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