Its amazing to wonder where you’ll be in 20 years, or just imagining how old you’ll be for that matter can just be mind blowing. I took these pictures on Christmas night 2015 from gold camp road which is an off road mountain in Colorado Springs.

In 20 years I hope I don’t sit there and wonder where the time went. I hope I’ll be able to look back and read these posts/rants. I’m not a professional writer- obviously, but sometimes the only way I let things out are things on this blog that I’ll never say otherwise. The past month has been good, I’ve unloaded a huge amount of stress that involved where I lived. I now added to my asset portfolio and am self sufficient. I can’t go into details yet but it was a good December. I want to wish everyone an awesome happy new year and over the next few months I hope all those big wishes your waiting for come true. Don’t forget if you want something you have to go get it, it won’t be handed to you. Brett Favre doesn’t throw touch downs sitting in his recliner- he throws them because he goes and practices everyday all day / atleast when he was throwing them and not endorsing wranglers. I heard that few years ago and I never forgot it. Take care of yourselves and each other, talk soon -R

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