The silent governor 

A man heads to the Dmv on a Wednesday afternoon, the weather is beautiful, here in Colorado it was windows down and radio up- as most of us would. He never noticed the 87 baby blue Honda Civic tailing him for 3 miles. Well until it was too late, the first man grabs his documents and phone (arms full) ready for the usual dmv hassle and long line. 

“It only takes a second” that’s what I always say. He said “the next thing I saw was a skinny meth head type of guy with a butcher knife” the man was so caught off guard, he neither mentally nor physically was ready for a confrontation with a butcher knife. He later told me “a woman was with the man and she immediately got out and stood covering the front license plate”. The man lunged at Grant with the butcher knife actually trying to stab him. Well grant goes to the gym everyday, is 5’10 and stacked at 235lbs so he threw a right hook and even with all the witnesses around no one got it on video or even the exact license number. 

The police didn’t know until later but grant snapped a perfect picture of the sadistic man with the knife in his hand. Later he found out it saved him from the two teaming up saying he was threatening the mans girlfriend. Now I personally have known Grant my entire life, he has no such drama nor has he ever. That quick picture did prove he was telling the truth about the incident but no charges were filed. 

Shortly after the suspect fled so did the witnesses- it was a bad area so obviously they didn’t want to get involved for their own personal reasons. If Grant had a gun he could have killed that man right there on the spot. I call a concealed pistol a silent governor, most people don’t like the conceal carry laws but that day my brother almost lost his life. 

To put it in perspective Grant still doesn’t know what prompted the confrontation, “I didn’t cut them off or anything ” ” never seen them before in my life” I’d love to get some feedback on what you would do in that situation? It sounds like he ran into- for what ever reason, two very sociopathic individuals.  What do you think?  


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