Citadel Mall Shootout in Colorado Springs 

I saw the cops racing down platte avenue… I knew it was a shooting, when you see all the undercover cars come out at once down the same street, well you just know. Of course everyone else here also thought it was another mass shooting. This one was at one of our two main malls in this city of just under half a million people,  again within minutes of my house. I always avoid the Citadel mall just because it’s in my opinion the lower class mall of the city. No not because I think I’m better than anyone, that’s not it at all. It’s because it’s been known for violence over the years and well let’s say I don’t like to find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Two weeks ago or so the Colorado Springs Police Department did mock training at the citadel mall in case there was ever a case like this, this isn’t the tragedy we were all expecting however, it was a drive by shootout in the parking lot involving two groups of people leaving hooters. Again too close for comfort, gun sales are at a record high in this city and I think everyone who is of sound mind should be packing. You can’t even find 9mm ammunition my friends tell me the stores are all sold out. 

I know it’s getting to the point where private citizens will have to handle a situation, because a bullet flies way faster than a cop car can. I hope the thugs and crazy people will start thinking twice before they pull out that piece because if someone who shares my point of views and doesn’t mind taking a bullet for someone else then they may just have met their maker. 

Yes the whole state of gun violence really gets to me, this city is out of control. I grew up here, in the last year I’ve been burglarized, had my wallet stolen and someone broke the door handle on my truck until the alarm went off and they figured out they couldn’t steal it. I found out it’s the nicer areas that are being targeted and to me that’s when you know it’s time to stay up later, watch your back even at the grocery store when unlocking your vehicle and it’s not a matter of if, it’s when someone attacks you well I hope your ready. 

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